Why do men want to have big dicks?

All the women I know say that size doesn’t matter, and even if they’re just being kind by saying that, I don’t think that’s the reason that men want to have big dicks. I’m sure that a tiny dick is not all that satisfying for a woman, but I know a lot of girls that say a really big one is actually uncomfortable. So why do I sometimes (often even) wish that I had a massive one?

A friend of mine posted this the other day and I spent a long time looking at the pictures of other men’s erect penii (is that the correct term?) I even download some. I thought they were beautiful. I don’t think I’m gay though or even bi. I’m open minded, sure, and have happily sucked a few dicks in my time and even had one or two up my bum, but I could never see my self falling in love with a man like I love to do with women, can never seen myself settling down with a guy and setting up home or bringing up children. So why do I wish I had a bigger dick?

Its basic. Its primal, and its symbolic. A symbol of our manhood not a realisation of it. They say that if you spend 10,000 hours doing something then that qualifies you as an expert. Well, in that case, I am an expert wanker. A real pro. I want a big prick because it would make me feel like more of a man. Would it make me more of a man? Of course not, but men are pathetic and its because we are hung up over the size of our dicks.

By the way… mine is massive :)

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  1. bobidybob

    i am 5 inches long and 4 1/2 inches around. I’ve been told its small more than a few times, more so recent years. I’m 50 and I think women are more verbal about it today then they were 15 years ago. I’d like to here from women regarding my size.

    14.02.24 at 09.38

  2. Hee hee hee. Great read.

    13.05.22 at 01.39

  3. well said and the honesty is refreshing! :)

    Yet, it was depressing to see all the women who prefer average, since I consider myself “big” (just kiddin.. :D)

    Personally, I think sizes in general (dicks, tits, noses, arms… etc) do matter … since we – humans – do have preferences. Everyone have different turn-ons and turn-offs. Beautiful, sexy, hot… are all relative and no absolute definitions for them.

    Speaking from the physical point of view, having a bigger dick won’t add much to the equation really. based on experience, the main turn on about having a bigger dick is mainly psychological not physical and sometimes you get denied some sexual acts (e.g. anal sex) because of your size.

    Why men are obsessed about penis size? I believe it’s the same reason we are obsessed about any sizes. Men tend to appreciate the fact that they are taller for example, or if they have a smaller belly, a smaller nose… I tend to believe it’s culturally imposed and it doesn’t really come from an evolutionary point of view where bigger dicks mean more fertile. because women since ever picked the “provider” (and I am not talking about hard ons here… lol) but the hunter/worker, the protector. the intellectual. Men on the other hand might indeed have inherited the fact that they are attracted to tits and wider hips from their ancestors, because men in general picked the “bearer”. Of course all of this has changed and is irrelevant now.

    I believe we strive to be whole, to be perfect.. either consciously or subconsciously and with different degrees. When I was dating a bisexual woman, I felt bad that I don’t have a pussy and that I can’t provide her with all she likes. lol.

    13.05.06 at 15.39

  4. Lol! Very entertaining….

    Girth matters….length not all that much, providing it’s not a button mushroom…. : P

    13.03.30 at 05.06

    • lol – glad you enjoyed :)

      13.03.30 at 08.14

  5. How odd that I never read this Kyle. I think being a flat woman is at least as much of a drag as being a small-dicked guy, in everyday life outside of sexual encounters. At least not everyone sees your dick, yuno?

    (I don’t mean your massive one, I mean dicks in general.)


    13.01.06 at 00.48

    • big or small, we are all beautiful dawn

      13.01.07 at 09.39

  6. I’m not sure if an appreciation of big dicks is primal or something men learn from the big penis worship of porn. And women seem to care less than men do.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t sweat it, at least in how women feel about it. I’ve discussed this w/my students and read research. About 20% of women enjoy a long dick for orgasm because stimulation of the cervix can get them off. But it’s actually painful for another 20%, so they prefer smaller. In terms of sexual sensation, most women don’t care because clitoral stimulation is key for most.

    12.12.17 at 13.41

    • hey thank you for taking an interest – i’m not sure that this was ever meant to be a serious discussion, rather than a comical piece, but i do appreciate your taking the time to respond – men’s obsession with the size of their members goes back way before the dawn of porn but porn has cashed in on that weakness – fortunately, i have a tiny penis and have never had to worry about such things :)

      12.12.17 at 13.57

  7. Well Kyle, I’m gay, yet I agree with you on loving as man. I can’t do it. But being as gay as Dolly Parton’s breasts I couldn’t even think about loving a woman more than what you’d love a friend. I guess we’re mistaking love with sex as always. Men and women do this all the time and blame each other for their shortcomings. Nice collection of dick pics in your link, love looking at them and hating the fact I can’t have one right about now to nibble on LOL.

    12.11.25 at 00.02

    • lol – thanks luc

      12.11.25 at 06.09

      • Anytime pal. I love how honest you are about it, most guys would freak if they had to admit a certain “admiration” for someone else’s dick, which is so sad. Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. Why not celebrate it and most of all why not enjoy it while you can? Like I said, the problem lies in confusing sex with intimacy and love, and I guess that’s why most people have such a hard time accepting what they like in secret. :)
        Keep posting more pal, you truly are entertaining.

        12.11.25 at 21.22

      • The same reasons chickens lay eggs….

        12.12.13 at 15.54

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    • thanks for the mention

      12.05.07 at 12.46

      • But of course! Not only did I enjoy reading the post, but it was probably the reason I had such a good time with Clark!

        12.05.07 at 16.20

  9. The best sex I ever had was with a man with a small one — made me scream, cry, bite the shit out of him…he was sexy as hell! And I’ve had huge ones — if they’re not used properly, they’re weapons!

    12.05.05 at 20.02

    • aw that makes me feel so much better for having such tiny one

      12.05.05 at 22.18

  10. How did I miss this gem. I’m curious about your connection to settling down and the size of a dick. I’ve settled down with some fairly big dicks in my time. 2 to be exact. BIG DICKS! But I’m not talking about what was between their legs.

    No dingy’s, mid size is nice.

    12.05.04 at 21.45

    • that’s good to know, because that means i’m a huge dick, or do i mean ‘have’?

      12.05.05 at 11.20

  11. I guess that circumference matters much more than length :P LOL And I’m with the ladies on this one: average is the ideal.

    12.05.02 at 21.01

  12. I prefer huge cocks because I’m built to take them and I love that filled-up feeling, however, the only man ever to make me cum during sex was smaller than average. I’ve been asked lots over the last year and a half since I’ve been writing would I rather have a small penis and orgasms the rest of my life, or a giant cock and no orgasms? I’d pick the latter, honestly, because that big one can make me feel about a dozen additional things the little one can’t.

    Also, big dicks are just fucking PRETTY. :)

    12.05.01 at 18.57

    • i agree with the pretty bit – thanks

      12.05.01 at 20.34

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  14. I was just gonna mention the tits… but I see Little Miss did so already. Great little article Kyle.

    12.04.06 at 15.53

    • yeah, she makes a very good point – i think i will do a follow up entitled “why do men want to come in your face”
      thanks for commenting

      12.04.06 at 15.55

  15. Too big is frightening. I’ve never met a too small. Average is fantastic. Perhaps the too smalls are hiding somewhere…or i’m just lucky. Regardless, I agree, the way you use that thing makes all the difference.

    12.03.01 at 05.17

    • i have never been so excited to be average.

      12.03.01 at 10.27

  16. I think it matters for lust how big a man is. But for love, we don’t care. It’s a grey area because sometimes you can be too big & that’s a problem. (: Good read!

    12.03.01 at 03.55

    • thank you, i’m thrilled you thought so

      12.03.01 at 10.14

  17. Gillian Colbert

    It’s all symbolic like you said. Breasts are symbolic of a woman’s fertility and ability to provide for her children so bigger is better. A larger dick equates to more fertile as well … absolute junk of course, but there you have it. I’ve been with tiny, I’ve been with massive, my favorite is average.

    Great post.

    And, yes, as a former Latin geek the plural is penii

    12.02.29 at 19.11

    • thank you – needed saying and responses like yours are very valued – i feel prouder and more satisfied with my averageness than i think i ever have in my life

      thanks for the latin too – i was sure that was right

      12.02.29 at 20.34

  18. It’s not so much that women don’t care about the size, they just care about other things more. If you find Mr. Right – he is everything you’ve always wanted in a man – but he has a little dick, you’re not about to toss him back because of that one little physical flaw. Really, considering how many insecurities the average woman deals with, the fact that you fellows pretty much only obsess on the size of your cocks is what I’d call getting off lucky. :P

    12.02.29 at 17.58

    • this is such a brilliant point – of course – society puts women under such ridiculous pressure to present – but men can get away with not shaving or brushing their teeth or washing their bollocks – is anyone everything though? i’ve always dreamed that they might be but have only got close to that. It still amazes me that men are so tied up with the size of our cocks. it has to be genetic or we would’ve grown out of it, surely.

      I opened a can of worms here, and know you like that shit. I need to be more careful what I say, NOT x

      12.02.29 at 18.21

  19. See I think size does matter in a way, but what matters more is the mans ability to use it. I have been with both small and massive, and in between, but none of that counts if you can’t use it right. Most men think only of their own needs, not that of the woman they are with, and that is where they go horribly wrong, it takes two does it not.

    And yes I gree that is a good parallel.

    O, Edgar Allan Poe for my first dark writing segment coming this afternoon.

    12.02.29 at 17.41

    • thanx hon – i’ve always been lucky that i have kinda got the ‘its how you use it’ thing. i was writing about why we men seem to want bigger ones rather than just learn how to satisfy women better. poe is a wonderful start – wow – if you’re gonna include me (and that would be an honour) add my “You” post, it was written with the sex/death thing in mind

      in france they call the orgasm “le petit morte” it means “the little death” – they know their sex, those french

      12.02.29 at 17.48

      • See you got my point as well. It really doesn’t matter what size it is, you have to know how to use it.

        I plan on using you for my next writing segment ‘Writing- Sex, lust, and death’, I only know one other writer I am using for sure this week, so I may use you for both :)

        12.02.29 at 19.50

        • that is so sweet – let me see if i can’t conjure up another. i’ve been getting dark lately. its because i have been denying myself that kind of gratification. I think my next post may hit new heights/depths x

          12.02.29 at 20.39

  20. Similar to me wanting bigger tits… Men may love small boobs, but more feminine to have bigger ones ;)

    12.02.29 at 17.12

    • ooh, what a brilliant parallel – how dumb of me not to have thought of that – truth is, i (men) just love tits, all of them, big or small we don’t care – brilliant point and thank you.

      12.02.29 at 17.17

    • PAZ

      I feel you there. But then I get to thinking, why the hell should I obsesses over something like that? My worth is more than the size of my itty bitty titties. heheh.

      A fella once told me that as long as a girl has nipples, she’s alright. I really love my nipple now. Not all men think that way of course, but I happen to think that the ones that don’t think this way are probably lacking a couple hundred-thousand neurons (or more).

      It most likely has something to do with fertility and power as others have mentioned. Fertility = power in a primal sense. Of course, we know now that bigger doesn’t necessarily equate to fertile. Damn society!

      Also, I’m a very petite, tiny lady so I guess there’s no such thing as too small for me. ha! A gift or a curse?

      12.04.16 at 21.37

      • PAZ

        * I meant nipples. I don’t just have one. lol

        12.04.16 at 21.38

      • look at calista flockhart – she was as sexy as hell – boobs are beautiful imhfo, big, small, inbetween, (just not false please, not for this hombre). i think the best thing about breasts is that they do come in all shapes and sizes.
        a definite gift
        thank you

        12.04.16 at 21.51

        • PAZ

          agreed. Breast are beautiful! I can never get enough of them.

          12.04.18 at 06.17

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